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30Sheets Gold Silver Nail Art Water Transfer Decals Metallic Nail Stickers Butterfly Lace Flower Dream Catcher Feather Nail Decorations

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Package includes: 30 sheets water transfer nail decals
Product size: 2.5″×2.1″
Color: Silver/Gold
Pattern: dreamcatcher, flower, cat, rose, tree, animal, sun, moon, butterfly, choker necklace etc.

How to use???

STEP 1. Trim, clean and polish the fingernails; paint the background coior on the fingernails and dry it out.
STEP 2. Remove the film of product,cut out the patter and plunge it into water 10-20 seconds.
STEP 3. Moisten the fingernails, stick the patter in position.
STEP 4. Sop up the water with a paper towel and blow dry.
STEP 5. Cap with clear nail polish and blow dry.Package include: 30 different kinds of patterns (random) , 30 sheets, nail rhinestone not include.
Fashion Patterns – The pattern design of the product is integrated with the dreamcatcher, plants, animals and geometric patterns etc. These are fashionable and suitable for the wide range of women&girls.
Easy to Use – Simple 5 steps to get salon quality (Please look at the product description. It can be used for regular polish and UV gel polish. the novice can also get a perfect nail art design in minutes.
Healthy – This series of products are all developed as environmental materials for pregnant women or kids, and are not limited to any skin quality.
100% Brand new and high quality! If there are any problems, MissBabe promise the fastest replace or refund service processes, offer the best customer service to you!

Price: $8.89 - $8.75

Amazon’s Best Deal

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