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Beaute Galleria 5 Pieces (10sizes) 2-way Dotting Tool Pen Nail Art Design Painting Drawing Marbleizing Acrylic UV Gel Manicure Professional Nail Salon Tool

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5 pieces Double Ended Dotting Pen Tool Set:

– This is 5 nail art dotting marbleizing pen with 2 different ends for different marbleizing desires. (10 sizes!)
– One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one.
– Ideal for fine nail art work.
– Length: Approx. 5 inches.

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[5PCS DOTTING PEN] The 5 pieces dotting pen that has double ended dotting tools with 10 different sizes, great for making various size dots or swirl patterns.
[COLOR & SIZE] Color: Clear. Size: Approx. 5 inches in length.
[FEATURES] Double ended with 10 sizes. One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one for various works.
[BENEFITS] Use these dotting pens to create marbling designs, blend colors, create swirls and textured finishes. They can also be used for creating circles of various sizes, and to draw dots into petal shapes when doing finely detailed flowers.
[USAGE] Perfect for professional and home use. Ideal for fine nail art work. Now you’ll be able to create beautiful nail designs in seconds – marbling, rhinestones, lines and many more!

Price: $12.99 - $6.99

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