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Bememo 5900 Pieces (4 Boxes) Nail Art Rhinestones Kit Nail Rhinestones with 1 Piece 1 Pick up Tweezers, Multicolor Nail Studs Horse Eye Rhinestones for Nail Art…

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Various rhinestones:
There are nail studs, horse eye rhinestones, 16 facets rhinestones, acrylic rhinestones; They are rich in colors, shapes and sizes, meeting your different needs.

Good quality:
All the rhinestones are made of good quality material; They are delicately made and shiny, nice accessories to brighten your nails.

Wide application:
These beautiful rhinestones are good for ail art decoration; You can also apply them for DIY crafts, cell phone case, clothes, etc..

Flat back point rhinestones: 16 facets, 12 colors, 4 mm in diameter
Nail studs: 12 shapes, golden color
Horse eye rhinestones: 12 colors, 3 mm in width, 6 mm in length
Acrylic rhinestones: clear, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm in diameter
Tweezers length: 12 cm/ 4.72 inches

Package includes:
1 x Tweezers
1 Box 16 facets rhinestones (600 pieces)
1 Box nail studs (2400 pieces)
1 Box Acrylic rhinestones (2300 pieces)
1 Box Horse eye rhinestones (600 pieces)16 Facets rhinestones: flat back point rhinestones feature 16 facets; They are in 12 colors, very shining and delicately made, making your nail look more charming
Nail studs: these golden rhinestones have 12 different shapes such as flower, heart, butterfly, circle, bow, drip, star, square, hemisphere, horse eye and so on; They look lovely and delicate, easy to apply and decorate your nails
Horse eye rhinestones: the horse eye rhinestones have 12 rainbow colors, glittering and shining; They are flat back and well made, easy to decorate your nails
Clear rhinestones: made of good quality resin, the clear flat back rhinestones have 4 different sizes, 1200 pieces in 2 mm, 600 pieces in 3 mm, 300 pieces in 4 mm, 200 pieces in 5 mm, different sizes for your nail art
Effective tweezers: the tip of the tweezers is tapering and good aligned, grasp and handle rhinestones firmly and easily, good for placing the cute gems according to sizes, shapes and colors

Price: $16.99 - $11.99

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