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Nail Art Tools Decoration Manicure Pedicure Tool Set Kit 16Pcs Nail Stickers, 5 Boxes Nail Beads Rhinestones Stone Gold Metal Studs,5 Nail File Sticks,5 Nail Dotting…

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Package include:
16pc x Nail Decals(with different designs)
5pc x Nail Decoration Stones (With different shapes)
5pc/set x Nail Dotting Pen
5Pcs x Nail File Sticks
1Set x Nail Stamp Sponge
1pc x Nail Sticker Smooth Pen

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(1).16pc Nail Decals
Sheet size: 55*50 mm(around 20-24 patterns/sheet).
Pattern Include:
7 sheet flowers
3 sheet butterflies
1 sheet animal feathers
1 sheet love heart and love letters
1 sheet lace
1 sheet cartoon black cat
1 sheet Chinese flower bird painting
1 sheet black flower

(2) 5pack Nail Decoration Stones
1 pack golden metal multi-shapes
1 pack gold and silver metal multi-shapes
1 pack 3 color tiny metal balls(Golden, Silver, Rose Red)
1 pack color metal shapes and white pearls
1 pack polymer clay color petal shapes.
Pick up the decoration stuffs onto nail, and cover with nail polish, then let it dry, or dry it with UV curing lamp.
(3)5pc/set x Nail Dotting Pen
Each pen is with different dotting size.
Function: to paint dots on nail
Use the dotting head to dip in nail polish, then paint dots on nail. Different size head can draw different size dots.
(4) 5Pcs Nail File
Function: Filing and trimming nails and false nails.
Size: 17.8*2*0.4 cm
Weight: Around 7g/sheet
(5) 1Set Nail Stamping Sponge
Weight: around 4g/set
Put 1 or several color nail polish on the sponge, cover the stamp to nail and slightly rub to make gradient color effect on nail.
(6)1Pc Nail Sticker Smooth Pen
Size: length around 9.7 cm
Function: smooth the decal on nail.
When place the decal on nail, use this pen to push to make the decal smooth on the nail.
This product is without case/box, we packed the goods well in an envelope.We aim to offer the best products and value to our customers instead of extra package.
Come with 16pc x Nail Decals(with different designs), 5pc x Nail Decoration Stones (With different shapes), 5pc/set x Nail Dotting Pen, 5Pcs x Nail File Sticks, 1Set x Nail Stamping Sponge.
5 wheels of nail decoration rhinestones, with different styles, multi-colors. Nail stamping sponge helps you to imprint gradient colors polish on nail.
Nail Dotting Pen is used to painting dots on nail, another functions is to pickup nail rhinestones stick on nail.
This nail art manicure DIY kit set helps you to do your own personalized beauty nails.

Price: $19.99 - $12.99

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