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Who are the creatives behind Cardi B’s ‘Press’ video?

Press, press, press, press, pressCardi don’t need more press

It’s ironic that Cardi B would drop such an iconic video and not expect any press. The video that’s been out a whole TWO DAYS has already received over 13 million views and counting.

Not only is the “Press” video a masterpiece, but it’s also a visual reference for how hard a music video crew can really go. From the cinematographer and the HBICs on set to the dope choreography and fancy nails, we had to investigate and find out who was the creative crew behind the visual magic.


Cardi B

First and foremost Cardi is to thank for the creative vision for “Press.” The Grammy winner not only starred and performed an insane choreography in her own music video but she also has director’s credits.

The creatives and crew on the project applaud her for her vision and hard work on making what is not just a music video but a cinematography masterpiece.

Jora Frantzis

Jora Frantzis is a Director and cinematographer based in L.A. Her previous work includes JLo’s “Medicine” music video with French Montana. Her photography is unique in its focus on color, sophistication, and sheen.

She has regularly worked with fashion brands like YSL and magazines like People. She worked with Cardi on the art direction and photography of Invasion of Privacy and took her amazing pregnancy photos as well.

The music video for ‘Press’ brought together her acute sense of colorful high fashion visuals and strong female agency.


Franquie Zeron

Jora Frantzis lists Franquie Zeron as her right hand and creative director for Cardi B’s “Press.” Zeron worked with Frantzis on the video for “Money” and the Invasion of Privacy album as well as JLo’s ‘Medicine’ video.

Zeron designed clothing as the creative director for Coveted Society featured in “Be Careful” music video.  He has also worked with Cardi B on her Fashion Nova collab.

Franquie Zeron also was part of the Covergirl X Katy Perry project.

Rob Witt

Robb Witt was the Director of Photography for ‘Press’. Witt has a long resume of music videos that feature stunning visuals that create a real larger than life artistic narrative.

Witt has worked on the video for the Grammy award-winning Kendrick Lamar track “Alright.” Robb Witt regularly directs commercials starring artists and actors alike. He worked on Dua Lipa’s Pepsi commercial for the UCL Opening Ceremony.


Kareem Johnson

Kareem Johnson is an Executive Producer/ Video Commissioner. He’s also the owner of Over Scene Productions.  Kareem Johnson has worked with Cardi B before on several projects like the video for “Money” and “I Like It.”

He’s worked with several artists including Wiz Khalifa, DJ Khaled, NAS, Bad Bunny and recently worked on IV Jay’s “Care” music video. In an interview with ORG, Johnson says that what he’d like to focus on now is working with more female directors.

Kareem Johnson is big on helping new artists and creatives flourish and gain the opportunities they need in order to do so.

Jay Tauzin

Music video producer Jay Tauzin has worked on several artists’ videos including the DJ Khaled “Higher” music video featuring Nipsey Hussle and John Legend as well as JLo and Bad Bunny on ‘Te Guste’ and ‘WHO DAT BOY’ by Tyler, The Creator.

He’s also worked on videos with Cardi B before such as “Money,” “Thotiana,” and “Wish Wish.”

Johnny Hernandez

Production manager on Cardi B’s “Press” video Johnny Hernandez is a cinematographer born and raised in L.A. His 10 years of production experience began in television with EPKs and evolved into film and commercials.

He also builds custom handcrafted furniture. He’s produced Rolling Stone covers and worked with FILA, Leon Bridges and Triton Films. He’s produced the music video “Lucky” for Tommy Genesis, “Easy” for Tayla Parx and Future’s “Government Official.”

Joe Barbalaco

Joe Barbalaco is a video producer and self-proclaimed music nerd. He’s often worked with Johnny Hernandez and his resume of music videos includes Megan Thee Stallion’s “Realer,” and Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y’s “Getting Loose” ft. Problem.

He’s also worked on “Te Bote 2” music video with JLo. But now he can an iconic video production credit to his resume.


Flo Ngala

The beautiful photography taken during the “Press” video shoot is all thanks to Flo Ngala. Ngala worked with the Met Gala in 2019 to document Cardi B’s extravagant gown for the evening.

She has also worked with NYTimes and Nike.


Emilie Aubry

Emilie Aubry is a film editor based out of LA. Her previous work includes editing for music video “Tyrant” by Kali Uchis ft. Jorja Smith. She’s also worked on “it’s not u it’s me” by Bea Miller ft 6lack and “Carry On” by Rita Ora ft Kygo and many more.

Aubry also works on her own projects including the recent Irrelevant that has her signature color-focused style.

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